Welcome to Pray Costa Mesa

Welcome to Pray Costa Mesa

Welcome to Pray Costa MesaWelcome to Pray Costa MesaWelcome to Pray Costa Mesa

Join with churches across Costa Mesa in unbroken prayer for the coronavirus crisis from now until Easter Sunday

Watch this video to hear the whys and hows of Costa Mesa's 24/7 Prayer Movement


Do you or someone you know need help during this coronavirus crisis? Would you like to know how you can serve those in need? Love Costa Mesa provides us with tangible ways to love our neighbors and be the Church in our city.

About Us

Costa Mesa Churches United in Prayer

We believe that there is one Church in Costa Mesa spread across multiple communities and gatherings. And, further, we believe that the most powerful expression of our unity is prayer. Prayer is the best way to ground ourselves in reality, in what is most true. Prayer is the most effective tool at our disposal for addressing the needs in the world. Prayer is the most powerful act of love we can do for our congregations and our neighbors. And, praying together is the sincerest form of fellowship that we can have as sisters and brothers.